About Us

Little Loopy Luna's is an affordable, trendy, and modern children's boutique focusing primarily on infants to young kids. Each article, outfit, and accessory has been picked to create a fashionable style without the "tackyness" often associated with children's clothing. Since having a little girl, my passion for clothes grew through the roof, I learned how to sew and started making and designing clothes for our daughter. As she grew out of them I started selling her clothes online, and from this came a new passion and I wanted to make this my career. 

We want to bring amazing styles to this new generation of children. 

As of now, around 30% of our clothes are custom created styles by Cassie. With Glen being a graphic designer making the patterns for the custom designs, we develop a completely unique article of clothing exclusive to us. We continue to add more and more exclusive items with a goal of soon having 100% of our clothing made with custom designs and patterns giving our customers a one of a kind selection to indulge in.

The story of Cassie and Glen go back to the summer of 2015. We met online, like most millenials and quickly fell in love. Cassie was then working as a toddler teacher and Glen was commuting an hour and a half each way as a warehouse manager. As two people who were heading into their 30s without career happiness, we both quit our jobs, sold almost everything, and moved to Florida together. It was whole new experience and we made some amazing memories and had incredible moments, and we found out that we both actually like "long walks on the beach"! So after 3 years in Florida we moved back home to New England to start a family (free babysitters). In September of 2019 our daughter, and inspiration, Kaia Luna was born. She is the reason Little Loopy Luna's exists and even at her very young age has developed quite a fashion sense and loves picking out colors and matching her clothes to her accesories, and it's obviously the cutest thing when shes in her "zone". As a family, we love taking little road trips, candlepin bowling, swimming, trying different restaurants, and vacationing in the mountains. Now with the whole family involved in Little Loopy Luna's, we're more excited than ever to see what the future brings. Thank you for visiting! We truly appreciate every one of our customers and supporters. Much love to all.